Mar 30

Hi there everyone,

The updates are slow lately because I’m in the middle of an exam period. After Easter, we’ll catch up.

I just wanted to address an issue that Google Chrome users have been having.

If you visit any site within the ongakuNOW subdomain of (i.e., Google Chrome throws up a malware warning. To my knowledge,  there is no malware directly from us embedded in the website. I wish I could say the same for our advertising sponsors, but I have to look into that further before I can make any comment. This only happens with Google Chrome.

Can I point out, however, that in simply visiting or editing the site (as I am now, to post this) I have not had any malware downloaded to my computer (according to AVG Antivirus). Rest assured, however, that I am taking the necessary steps to make sure that none of you get infected with anything on my site.

Next updates should include new singles by 2AM, T-ara, ARASHI, Kana Nishino, 2PM, 2NE1, BIGBANG, Tohoshinki, BoA, and much more. These will all include the hot new music/promo videos for each single ;)

By the way, at the moment this site deals with albums, promo singles, maxi singles, and MV/PVs. Is there anything else you think we should be focusing on? Please let me know in the comments section for this post.

Thanks for visiting ongakuNOW; have a great day!

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Feb 19

A very late Happy Valentines Day to all viewers!

There is an update to be posted sometime in the next 14 hours, which will consist of the following music videos:

2AM – Chugeodo Mot Bonae
Ai Otsuka – Kingyo Hanabi
Amane Kaoru – Taiyou no Uta
Amuro Namie – All For You
Amuro Namie – Never End
BoA – Energetic
BoA – I Did It For Love
Dong Bang Shin Ki – Wrong Number
Koda Kumi – You’re Beautiful

As always, these are all either DVD or HDTV rips!
Also, I’m putting together a Valentines Day 2010 compilation CD for download!

Oh yeah – follow us on Twitter by clicking the icons on the right of the page! That way, you’ll receive details of all our updates as they get uploaded!

Lastly, my apologies for the recent delays. Much love to y’all. ;)

Dec 19

Hey everyone.

Thanks for visiting, hope you’re enjoying the site.

In three days we haven’t received any shoutBOX comments at all, but I know you’re all visiting. So please leave a message.

Tonight I’m going to Christian Carols, but after I come back I’ll put up the following:


Bi Rain – Eternal Rain
Chemistry – fo(u)r
Crystal Kay – 637 ~always and forever~
Crystal Kay –  All Yours
Crystal Kay – Almost Seventeen
Crystal Kay – COLOR CHANGE!
Miho Fukuhara – Rainbow
Ikimonogakari – My song Your song


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Dec 16

Hey guys. Hope you’re enjoying the website

I have work today (as in my real life job outside of the site) so I can’t code the posts for the new videos I uploaded yesterday. Bear with me, I’ll have them up by tomorrow sometime.

These are all DVD Rip music videos by the way.

Ai Otsuka – Daisuki Da Yo.
Ai Otsuka – Sakuranbo
ARASHI – Ashita no Kioku
ARASHI – Believe
ARASHI – Beautiful days
BoA – Eien
Taeyang (SOL) – Where U At
Utada Hikaru – Can You Keep A Secret

I want YOUR input. Are you okay with the file sizes? Or do you think they’re too big?

Let me know via comment or shoutNOW post (in the right-hand panel).

Dec 13

Hey there guys,

I live in the land of slow internet (a.k.a. AUSTRALIA) so I’m going to leave stuff uploading overnight.

Providing I code efficiently, I should have +/- 22 new PVs added tomorrow.

In no particular order:

Kimaguren – Kimi no Inai Sekai
KAT-TUN – White X’Mas
KAT-TUN – Rescue
Katou Miliyah & Shimizu Shota – Love Forever
GReeeeN- Kiseki
ERIKA – Free
BoA – Quincy
BIGBANG – Koe wo Kikasete
ARASHI – Sakura Sake
ARASHI – One Love
Koda Kumi – Moon Crying
Koda Kumi – Hashire!
Yuna Ito & Celine Dion – Anata ga Iru Kagiri
Utada Hikaru – Prisoner Of Love
Utada Hikaru – Deep River
Tohoshinki – Stand By U
Tohoshinki – Purple Line
Perfume – I still love U
ORANGE RANGE – Hitomi no Saki ni
Namie Amuro – NEW LOOK
Koda Kumi – ECSTASY

These are all DVD rips by the way! Stay tuned :)

Dec 12

Hello there, and welcome to ongakuNOW.

ongakuNOW is a site specialising in J-POP and K-POP, offering Singles, Albums and Music Videos every week for FREE DOWNLOAD. My name is Toshihisa and I run this website pretty much on my own. Nonetheless, I’m working hard to make sure you get the latest hits from the land of the rising sun. Please send all requests to ongakunow[at]

Incidentally, Toshihisa is a guy’s name. That would be because I’m a guy. ;)

Thank you very much for stopping by today, please enjoy the site. Leave a comment with feedback to let me know how I’m doing. As I have done with all my sites, my deepest thanks to Sha for her help with the title image above.

Some rules:

1. Do not hotlink. When YOU add these songs to your pages, you use up our precious bandwidth and since we have to pay for it… it’s just not fair. Please use the MegaUpload links whenever possible!

2. When you want to tell someone about a great single, album or PV you downloaded here, please refer them to this main page and not to the file itself. Please use the Share/Save/Email option.

3. This site is 100% free; we are only here to allow you to evaluate Japanese music files for personal purposes. If you see any advertisements that interest you, CLICK THEM!!! The more advertising revenue we make, the more stuff we can rip and get up onto the site. Please click on an advertisement NOW (if it tickles your fancy).

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