Dec 12

Hello there, and welcome to ongakuNOW.

ongakuNOW is a site specialising in J-POP and K-POP, offering Singles, Albums and Music Videos every week for FREE DOWNLOAD. My name is Toshihisa and I run this website pretty much on my own. Nonetheless, I’m working hard to make sure you get the latest hits from the land of the rising sun. Please send all requests to ongakunow[at]

Incidentally, Toshihisa is a guy’s name. That would be because I’m a guy. ;)

Thank you very much for stopping by today, please enjoy the site. Leave a comment with feedback to let me know how I’m doing. As I have done with all my sites, my deepest thanks to Sha for her help with the title image above.

Some rules:

1. Do not hotlink. When YOU add these songs to your pages, you use up our precious bandwidth and since we have to pay for it… it’s just not fair. Please use the MegaUpload links whenever possible!

2. When you want to tell someone about a great single, album or PV you downloaded here, please refer them to this main page and not to the file itself. Please use the Share/Save/Email option.

3. This site is 100% free; we are only here to allow you to evaluate Japanese music files for personal purposes. If you see any advertisements that interest you, CLICK THEM!!! The more advertising revenue we make, the more stuff we can rip and get up onto the site. Please click on an advertisement NOW (if it tickles your fancy).

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  1. pikapika says:

    hi im from mexico, exactly from a city call veracruz, i like so much you´re web and the music jpop and j rock,sincerely this music type no hear much here, but i love it!!!!!

    kisses whit love pika pika

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